Sunday, October 24, 2010

It doesn't feel right

My lovely friend just became a newly wed. Hurray! Congrats! So happy for you!
She confides in me and tells me stuff that close friends tell each other...we're both nurses...
so we often tell each other WAY too much information...the color of our poop for instance.
Since she just got married I often get an earful about her man.
Apparently he eats more than his share of the food supply. It's a big issue in their life.
She has an issue with this and believes he has an eating disorder. I don't know.
One thing I know for sure, I have my own food issues.

Cycles if you will.
Not only do my moods cycle my attitude about food do too. Oh man.
At times it's sugar. Others times carbohydrates are a sin.Right now the devil is pork and dairy.
It has nothing to do with taste, texture, smell. Nope. I love me some sausage, bring on the ribs,
cheese stakes, chocolate shakes! Make it a double!

It has to do with the SOURCE.
I know it comes from a living animal and I am eating its dead muscle.Then it is going to be sitting in
my gut for about three days!
Then milk. Am I made to drink from the tit of a cow? Would I if it didn't come in this gallon?
No of course not. It has hormones and antibiotics. I have over thought this issue.
For now. I am giving it up not for diet. Not for weight loss. Just because it doesn't feel right.
Maybe I will have it again someday. Not right now.
I judge no one who choses to eat anything else.
This is what I have to do for myself.
It will cycle.

I need some vodka