Thursday, July 15, 2010

The randomness of it all

It's like a kaleidoscope! I read my blog. Very strange I must say. It's not just about weight loss about insanity or about anything in particular...It's more like "Dear Diary".

I wonder if I should focus it on something.
My children? My flowers? My endless pursuit of becoming a better cook? My career? My mental unhealth? My diet/fitness? Ooh Sex life, wait I'd never blog again...

Thank you for putting up with it and so much for commenting on the randomly random randomness.

Cha so she didn't

I'm refering to my prior post. Kelly denied the entire thing, as if America didn't see a grown woman have a breakdown, possibly a psychotic one on national TV. I guess the stigma continues. She gets to deny her issue while I get to wear it around my neck neck like flavor flav umm but of course instead of a big 'ol clock it's a big 'ol lable. ie diagnosis. But I'm not bitter Noooo !!!
 I don't know why I'm OBSESSED with the RHW shows. I pick one of the characters and pretend I'm one of them. Example, this season of NJRHW I'm Jacqueline yeah prolly cuz I don't have a life I'm living through the TV life of these women. Hmmm come to think of it it's because I'm crazy. Makes total sense now.
So! If I don't have a life why haven't I been blogging? cuz I have been so busy trying to have a life...ya know
cooking, cleaning, laundry, children, trying to make the boyfriend into husband. Which by the way not going too well. So he tells me not because he doesn't want to marry me, he just can't afford to give me the bling and the party right now. waah ...if only I could be one of those Real Housewives instead of a Desperate Girlfriend!