Sunday, April 28, 2013

MMR=Autism, Mercury fillings=MS???

I'm sure you all have heard about the "link" between the MMR vaccine and Autism.         [ Check out:  for more MMR/Autism info] More than a handful of parents feel the MMR vaccine was the cause of their child's Autism. I think as a fellow human being I can understand how a parent might need to blame it on something. How can a seemingly perfect baby suddenly be withdrawn and have other symptoms that apparently were not there prior to the MMR vaccine. Unfortunately, these parents are not likely to find a sympathetic ear from their pediatrician because the link just isn't there. Study after study has demonstrated absolutely no relationship between the vaccine and Autism. However, Autism becomes more apparent around the same time as when the MMR is due leading a parent to become suspicious.In reality subtle signs may have already been present.
Screening for autism occurs around 15 months but keep an eye out for warning signs: Does your baby smile and coo, do they notice when you leave the room, do they interact with siblings, what is their eye contact like?If anything concerns you bring it up to your medical provider.

Recently I heard from the Dr. Oz show how dental fillings can be linked to certain disorders.
The American Dental Association stands by amalgam fillings stating that
  • "Dental amalgam is a safe, affordable material used to restore the teeth of over 100 million Americans...and has established a record of safety and effectiveness."
So now what? Most of us have at least one mercury filling. Do we rush to have it removed? The current recommendation is that  these fillings stay in place because the act of removing these fillings actually increases the exposure to mercury. Of course there are exceptions.
Considerations for dental amalgam removal:
  1. Patients who have recurrent decay and/or defective margins around their dental amalgam fillings. 
  2. Patients who have 8 or more dental amalgam fillings.
  3. Patients who have exhibited an allergy or sensitivity to dental amalgam (lymphocyte proliferation test).
  4. Patients who have bruxism (grind their teeth).*
  5. Patients who consume high quantities of acidic foods and carbonated beverages.*
*demonstrated to cause prolonged higher levels of exposure to mercury vapor from dental amalgam restorations. from

If you need a filling go for composite fillings (tooth colored). Be aware though, composite fillings may be a little more pricey (20% more than amalgam).

First MMR, now amalgam fillings. All these health concerns have arisen without  concrete answers for people who suffer from fatigue, difficulty with concentration, fibromyalgia, headache and even multiple sclerosis.
  •  As a healthcare-type-person I can offer this advice: Be your own advocate. Read, read and read some more on your condition. Write down any questions you might have for your nurse practitioner or physician and grow that relationship, remember most healthcare types WANT to help.
While no link between vaccines and autism has been found, there seems to be a link between amalgam and some conditions -but not enough to have them removed from our reach. Further research is needed to decisively say what risks if any truly exist. It might be proven otherwise in the future, but for now, caution-not paranoia- is the word.