Friday, March 18, 2011

Queen of DeNial

There are days that I want to put all this behind me. None of it really happened. How could I have been that depressed?
I am a happy go lucky, silly, woman, that likes to sing, dance and pretend to be a socialite.
There are even times I doubt why I take medication. After all, I mean, I feel fine. I am healthy.
Healthy people don't take medications. Right?
I accept that these are not medications. They are simply vitamins to keep me healthy. Keep me going.
Part of a routine.
Like a person with high blood pressure takes them to control the blood pressure and in the end prevent a stroke.My meds prevent me from going there.That cold, dark place, where no one should ever go. The place where sleep is never enough. The place where the sun can never shine bright enough. We're all familiar with that place.
No other choice but to continue to take my vitamins to stay healthy.