Thursday, July 15, 2010

The randomness of it all

It's like a kaleidoscope! I read my blog. Very strange I must say. It's not just about weight loss about insanity or about anything in particular...It's more like "Dear Diary".

I wonder if I should focus it on something.
My children? My flowers? My endless pursuit of becoming a better cook? My career? My mental unhealth? My diet/fitness? Ooh Sex life, wait I'd never blog again...

Thank you for putting up with it and so much for commenting on the randomly random randomness.


  1. Well, howdy doo. I say you shouldn't try to focus your blog on anything in particular. It's your blog. Your baby. Your creation. And so on. Do like I do and just put anything you feel like putting on here. It's very cathartic.

    Thanks for commenting on Psycho. I will always return the favor... Unless my fingers are broken.

    P.S. Sorry 'bout your sex life. lol.

  2. I was so upset about my blog because in my opinion, it has become the mundane day to day.If I could blog what was really in my head, it would be pretty good stuff, but I censor so much! I think you just keep blogging your diary! I love reading another person's story and life in itself is pretty interesting!


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