Sunday, November 7, 2010

I want it all

I want this kind of love. I don't want to resist.
I'm too picky. One moment I want to be single, the next married with children
Same goes with career I want to be boss, then I want to be a common worker.
Am I gay, straight or Bi? I may just want it all!?!
If I get greedy I my wind up with nothin.

What do I do? 


  1. I've been going through pretty much the same thing. I want my own business but then I want to spend more time with my wife, I've pretty much decided I would be going back to men if the wife and I later end up like every other relationship I know of. ALthough there is no reason for me to think we would since we have no issues, but that has been my train of thought... just my way of being prepared I guess. I want it all too, but am willing to agree to some compromises! I mean, I would much rather have the wife than anyone else!!! :)

  2. Looking forward to more blogs from you soon! :)


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