Thursday, October 22, 2009

The yo-yo diet remix

I admit it. I'm notorious. Notorious for being on a diet. I have done Weight Watchers twice, Atkins at least three times, L.A. Diet, Master Cleanse, South Beach, fat free, low fat, no fat, all fat, on and on and yes I have been successful to some degree on many of these diets. So... Here i am again. Slowly creeping up the scale, pushing up that scary little needle on the scale up up up! My jeans are fitting tighter and my button up dress that I have yet to wear is way,way, way too tight!

I've lost 57 pounds, well let me correct that, I did loose 57 pounds by watching my diet and faithfully going to Curves in the morning, then I got bored with year later I've gained 12 pounds back. I want to loose 31 more pounds.


Well, I have the answer, yes I sure do! As a matter of fact, it's not even a secret. Diet and exercise, oh did I forget patience?

I have been working out, eating less (I miss junk food!) and trying to be patient with the scale for three entire days now. I must get rid of these 12 pounds, I'm just SO shocked it hasn't melted right off in these three days!

The more I remind myself I'm dieting the hungrier I get, dang! What's a fat girl to do? I need a chocolate shake!

I honestly don't expect to be supermodel thin... just stop traffic gorgeous. I know that's not too much to ask for. In reality, I just want to fit into a size 10, I know it sounds huge for many. A size 10!!! "Honey! That's still the size of half a heffer!" Yeah, well I've never been a skinny girl, and I love food. I betcha I could look pretty rocken hot in a size 10. So onward on this plight of well being. I know if I keep this up in November I can read this post and be glad I started to order the small shake instead of the X-large.

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  1. losing weight can really suck! I think maybe just stick with it or how about trying Curves again since it already worked for you in the past? I too am looking to lose about 10 lbs, I know how but I'm just lazy, really I have no excuse for not getting up and excercising!


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