Sunday, May 16, 2010

Hello? Echo!

Hey everyone...hope everyone is doing great! It's been a long looong time since I posted. So let's recap. I had my tummy tuck, can you believe I have not healed? What? It's been 10 weeks or so. My belly looks fantastic, like I never had a child but it feels like I'm wearing underwear 4 sizes too tight! I had my boobs lifted and they look happy again! My bells palsy is slowly recovering I'm almost symetrical again! Woop!

My mom got baptized today, she's 73. Her religion has divided the family into three. The religious nuts, the heathens, and me. I am a religious heathen. It's a sad situation, as I left the house to go see my mom become "one of them" officially there was great sorrow in my heart. It was harder to go there than to go to my dad's funeral. Of course my dad was only a father by title only. My mom looked very happy as she walked out of the water and I was glad to see all of the family was there to support her heathens and all.

My social life has been awkward. My close friend has detoxed from pain killers and has found a job but has remained disatisfied. My other close friend is chronically ill and is gainfully employed but is chronically disatisfied. My closest friend has everything a person could want and still is disatisfied with her life. Why? Are we ever satisfied?

Some good/bad news came to me a short bit ago. I was at risk for losing what I worked for very hard. It turns out I only loose it in some places and only for a year if I follow the rules and I pay a fine. It's not an ideal situation BUT it is better than what I thought would happen. It still is a blow to my self worth since it will be public knowledge. It truly has to rain before one can appreciate the sunshine.

So anyway that is the catch up!

Guess what?!? I'm back at the gym after the surgery and am lifting and on the cardio machines! :) I'm going to try a fun walk/run 2k on June 6th for a good cause "eliminating racism".

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