Monday, May 17, 2010

Little tummy BIG hunger!

So now I'm semi looking decent. I'm starting to work out again ( I walked/jogged this morning in preperation for June 5th 5k).
Honestly, I am always HUNGRY! I sit here typing and am dreaming of a bag of Rese's PB cups, pie, anything unhealthy while I have a fridge full of healthy stuff.
How does one become an overeater in control or in recovery? A recovered overeater? Is there such a thing? An alcoholic stops drinking but a person cannot stop eating. It's a control thing but then that becomes a disorder like anorexia or bullimia or am I taking this to extremes? possibly.

Any who. I might be exagerating but I'm not sure. I do snack a lot though. I might need a schedule. kinda like babies, or Pavlo's dog. Ding-time to eat!
Food continues to bring people together and bring happiness to us!

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  1. I think your looking great, Quit dreaming about the unhealthy stuff and raid the fridge


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