Tuesday, September 7, 2010

So remember it's not a diet blog...

I'm on a diet! Yes again (sigh)
I went out and got a new DVD that promises to show results in 14 days. It's the SWAT workout. I did it 4 days ago and I was FREAKIN sore. So, I put it away. I'm gonna get it out again. This time I'm gonna bore you everyday with my story of the workouts. Tomorrow begins day 1.

Also, I went to the library (GASP!!!!) and checked out a book (CHOKE!!!) that says I couuld lose UP TO 15 pounds in two weeks...oh really?

So, if I get this right...doing some insane workout that promises results in 14 days AND doing some DIET that also says I can do this in Two weeks...Hmmm I should see some sort of difference right?

Okay. See you with full results on election day/first day of fall AKA sep 22.

I will also see you everyday for the next 14 days with every GORY detail.


  1. Be careful of the diets you try. I went on a cleansing diet a few years ago that really messed my body up. I went ALL organic with nothing artificial or processed. Soaps and all. Afterward, I was so sick. Now I can't have red meats, milk products,nothing with high acid content like juices, coffee (I still have that, but suffer horribly)... it's bad. SO, be safe with your diets... not extreme. :) The workout stuff is great though! You're sore, but feel better afterward. :)


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