Sunday, December 27, 2009

Bell's Palsy

Minor set back:

A couple days ago I had a bit of a sore throat no big deal, I didn't even take anything as it wasn't so bad to merit medicine. That night my right ear and right side of my neck were throbbing so bad I took a big dose of motrin and couldn't sleep in bed! Well all of Friday I complained to my dude about my ear and neck, popped motrin and tylenol, my dude warmed a heating pad for comfort and pain relieve.

Alright so Saturday we woke up early to hit Walmart for the Christmas 50% off sale and can I say we got a purple lit tree (the last one) for 7 bucks oh yeah! I had been eye balling it for weeks.
So anyway after we got home more motrin, heating pad again and I laid down because I was scheduled for a 16 hour shift beginning at 3 pm. I woke up still in pain but it was manageable so I was getting ready for my shift, the strangest sensation happened to my face. My entire right side felt as if it was lifted and something was keeping me from blinking. A very strange sensation. I went in to work with my right side (face) paralyzed (palsy means weakness or paralysis). It was getting worse I wasn't able to rub my lips together to apply my cranberry shade of lipstick, oh oh. I had to hold my eye shut to apply my Mary Kay bronze shade of eye liner, when usually that stuff just glides on, yesterday it was frustrating.

I got to work and three nurses assess me (fantastic nurses, fabulous friends) and am "diagnosed" with a possible stroke to Bells Palsy. Ok so I get sent to ER. Blah. Get examined and a CT scan

Diagnosed with Bell's : NIH says this is a temporary form of facial paralysis and usually caused by some sort of viral infection. Resolves in 2-3 weeks with steroids and antiviral meds.

Taking motrin for my neck. Tape over my eye because it does not blink. My nose does not flare, I cannot smile fully oh and I'm drooling. Lovely.

The good news, it's temporary and it is not a stroke, my brain is fine, well so they say :P


  1. OMG, Im so sorry that you are going through this! :( I love how you ended the post, though lol Its cool that youre able to maintain a good sense of humor, Id probably let this get the best of me.

    Heres to a speedy recovery :)

  2. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!It's you!!!!!!!How did I not know this???How???I'm so shocked, I was about to say wow what a coincidence and then I saw your purple tree!!!I'm so glad you joined the bloggy world!Yay!Yes I'm very naive I should have known this a long time ago, especially when you were talking about administration and work!LOL!So let me get you aquainted to these wonderful pannel of bloggy moms, Counselormama is my cousin from California,her friend is My Confessions of Craziness, I've known Every Day is a Crazze Day for about a year now and a good bloggy friend, and It really is all about me, she's awesome too. Suburb Sanity is a professional blogger who one day i aspire to be! Anyways I hope you feel better:) So glad to know it's you I can't get over it!:)

  3. I had Bells back in 1986 and it took about 8 wks to clear up. I just woke up with it, didn't feel anything. I was told all kinds of causes for it...sudden rush of cold air to that ear, infection, and stress. I still have a few residual effects like if I am overly stressed I will wake with a little "droopiness".

    But like you said, it's temporary. Good luck!

  4. Oh oh!! I think I just got busted! LOL! How nice to meet all these great "bloggy" people!

    Estela, it scares me that you still have residual effects, I wonder if they are painful since my neck seems to be the worse part of this ordeal, oh and my dry eye ! Thanks for sharing, makes me feel less like a mutant! :)

    Monica, I'm trying to maintain my humor but trust me I get my whinning spells ;)!!! Tomorrow though it's back to the gym (I used this as an excuse not to go today! shhh!!!).


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