Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A broken heart

I just got back from dropping off my son at school. I've noticed for the past few weeks Morgan's mommy hasn't been there. Morgan's mommy was nice, quiet and dared to somewhat befriend this beast of a not a morning person. We would talk about how awful our kids' teacher is and how we should change them. Well a few weeks ago I didn't see Morgan or her mommy so I thought she did just that.

Today I saw Morgan and asked her how her mommy was. Her big blue eyes revealed her broken heart right in front of me. I didn't want her to say anything more. Her little lips trembled and out came the mommy died. Her face flat. What? I asked her, realizing I asked her to say those words again I quickly interrupted and said I was very sorry. What else can I say to a five year old little person who has undergone such tragedy?
I swept her hair away from her frozen face smiled and stepped back.

I looked at my son to see if he heard but he seemed oblivious. My heart is heavy and I wish I could take some of the heaviness away from Morgan.


  1. Your actions and you continuing concern will help. that is more than most will do

  2. I'm sorry to hear that, it was not your fault that you asked you were simply just curious to where she was. Poor little girl, how awful for her...

  3. Oh my...Im soooo sorry to hear that. That breaks my heart just reading about it. I cant imagine what she must be going through...and I think its a good thing that you knew her mother, even if it was just a little bit, but somehow I think it will play a positive role in both yours and Morgans life.

  4. Oh that is sad. Next time you see her maybe you could give her a little hug.

  5. What a terrible tragedy. I just can't imagine. Isn't that one of our greatest fears - leaving our children too soon?

  6. An Update: So I have seen Morgan most mornings, she and my son and my daughter who doesn't attend this school yet are becoming friends. There is a warm spot im my heart for her. She and I wave at each other and she yells "Hi Michael's Mom!" when she sees me, Hi morgan! I yell back at the cute freckeled faced girl running to beat my son to the line. Morgan's mommy's life was cut too short, I think she would have liked to see her playing and not crying anymore as we walked to class. :)


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