Friday, November 27, 2009

I'm greatful for:

All in no particular order:

1. My kids! (though sometimes I just want them to look pretty and hit their mute button, but I
still can't find it!!!)

2. The dude in my life, yeah you know who you are. You have the luxury of laying next to this gorgeous beast every night and pretend you don't notice the puffy eyes in the morning, or any sort of ummm, gas exchange that may or MAY NOT occur in the middle of the night.

3. I'm also glad that I may have passed the semester, though I'm still keeping my fingers crossed as I admit I may have not put in all of my soul into my work, I will settle for a B average (I'm more of a 3.5-3.8 type of gal but ehh B will do nicely this time.)

4. I'm grateful that I have a core of fucking great friends, that accept me regardless of me neurotic symptoms.

5. I'm thankful for the $7.86 in my bank account that is left after all is said and done this month. (Starbucks, see you tomorrow! I can totally score a venti macchiato!)

6. I'm ever so thankful that I ONLY gained back 20 pounds of the 57 pounds I lost last year, trust me it could have been way worse with the amounts of coco puffs I consumed (shit, what the hell!!!)

7. I'm thankful that I can write this blog in a country that lets me post this shit up without fear of censorship, or fear of getting my head cut off, my fingers mutilated, or my eyes gouged out for having an opinion about gratitute, living out of wed lock, drinking, oh yes I'm greatful for that too. (though honestly women still have a way to go in the workplace...just sayin)

8. I'm greatful for all the little things that I don't think about/worry about on a regular basis like changing the batteries in the remote or kids toys (except the ones with the little screws DAMN I hate those, thanks my dude for taking care of those) and like electricity and laundry and like silly stuff that people in other countries struggle for, I feel blessed. Wow maybe I'm not that shallow after all... oh damn I chipped my nail!


  1. I am Greatful for you and us

  2. Hahaha my dude you are not very anonymous. Thank you for reading this. makes me feel all goose bumpy, whoot! someone is getting lucky tonight!

  3. I am EVER so grateful for your "about me" was eerie to read it as I thought you could have been talking about me. Happy Turkey Day!!!

  4. cute list!! I'm also grateful that we can post whatever the hell we want it's pretty awesome! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!:)

  5. I loved this post! Made me stop and think for what I am thankful for myself.

  6. This is a great list. But where have you been lately?


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