Wednesday, November 25, 2009

So it's still a damn cat!

So about two weeks ago this stray cat peers through the double french doors in our living room. Me, like the animal lover that I am (though note I HATE, ((maybe even despise?)) cats, they think they are superior to humans, you know )I slowly open one of the doors and ever so slowly does this ugly grayish, dusty fur ball come in. I'm thinking it's still a younger cat maybe a kitten given it's small size. I warm up some milk and give it to it, that thing slurped it up so fast! My kids then woke up and this creature hid and as soon as I opened the door it fled.

Well at the end of dinner guess who was back peering its little beady eyes through the kitchen door? Yup the damn cat, this time my dude opens the door and feeds it.

Long story short, the damn cat has SOMEHOW managed to find a home. Oh and after a bath turns out its more white than grey. It is actually a she, although we haven't formally named her, we've decided on Kitty or Thumper or October. She's very sweet, playful, clean and loving. But damn! It's a damn cat...but maybe I'll make an exception for this one cute adorable cat.

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