Friday, September 10, 2010

Day 2 Total Failure

I woke up with a sore throat. Took tylenol and and claritin didn't know if I was allergies or start of a cold or flu. yeah I'm a nurse. clueless most of the time.

Pour some coffee. Shit I have to weigh myself.
Scale must be broken cuz I didn't lose a damn pound. I'm still 19 pounds away from goal.
Drink my coffee.
Kids are up...hussle and bustle. Drop off munchkns at school. 
All is going well.
Make eggs and veggies yummy.

Boyfriend comes home, house is still a mess, laundry is half way done, I have failed as a domestic diva.
The words of my bff resonate in my head ((((being home is your job now))))

ok.. clean up is done..half assed cuz I'm still feeling lousy..must not be head is now feeling like it could pop... "Babe I'mma gonna go to the asian market to pick up some crap"!
Boyfriend barely acknowledges my exsistance. Where he used to swoon at my scent. Oh well no time to dwell.

while fixen dinner

Pick up kids. Homework. Dogs.
Clear funky noodles
veggie stir fry
it was a failure.
I also had some of my kids cereal.
Lots of my kids cereal.

I didn't work out either.

Bed time and I am feeling more and more like crap.

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