Thursday, January 7, 2010

Dr's Orders

So, today I went to see a weight loss specialist. An actual physician who specializes on this stuff. My friend and I amazed by another friends results decided to bite the bullet and go check it out. Mind you we have been working out. I have been going over to her house and doing the P90X workout and I have been doing something else in the evening, racquetball or treadmill or Zumba or yoga or whatever.
Anyway we go see this doctor we step on the fat-o-meter she has 15 pounds of fat to lose and her BMI is around 30. I have 70 pounds to lose and my BMI is 49. Holy crap. The program is explained we decide to enroll. Basically it's a shot of b12 and some super other stuff per week, some chromium and some super diuretic, plus a stimulant. The jerk off doctor doesn't know I'm a nurse, doesn't know I'm already on a stimulant oh and by the way this damn stimulant interacts with my other meds I'm taking to keep me slightly less neurotic than I naturally am. So naturally he gives me a lower dose. :) problem solved NOT. After giving us the nice bag full of supplements he proceeds to tell us about the DIET the 1200/calorie/day DIET :) I ask doctor, wouldn't we lose weight on 1200 cals a day ANYWAY without the supplements. He says "no" The injection, supplement and diet is the perfection combination for weight loss. Yeah right.

Like I said NO MAGIC BULLET just diet and exercise. I might go for the b12 shot because of the energy boost, not once a week as he recommends, but once a month. I left a little annoyed but we enjoyed salad and bread sticks at Olive Garden Yum, And tomorrow we shall work out and my skinny friend can bitch about her little loaf of Fat while I moan about my mountains of fat rolls and drink Starbucks and laugh at the Real housewives of orange county reruns. :D no magic bullet doc, good try though.


  1. I don't think there is a magic bullet for anything. What a load he was giving you:) I wish you success on your path.

  2. yeah girlfriend!Being on the 1200 cal a day will def do it without any of the other stuff he wants you to take!I love Starbucks and my Bravo too! I think the key is to develope good eating habits and an excercise routine that one enjoys, but don't ask me what those are for me because I still don't know!LOL!


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