Monday, January 4, 2010

YARRGGG ok so here it is!!

I said I wasn't! But here I am anyway!!!stooopid resolutions!
Forget everything I said before about not doing it is people.

So I'm thinking and plotting. I call my girlfriend Shanie up. We decide we're gonna workout at 9 AM after dropping our kids off at school. Our Goal? to lose 10 percent of our body weight. There has to be an incentive right? So we're gonna treat ourselves...nope, no ice cream or lava food cake here! Our treat?

Have you ever wished your hair was more manageable? Softer? Straighter? Had more shine? The Salon at ULTA has an answer: Keratin Smoothing Treatment by Coppola.

(not pushing ulta, promise)

To understand the need of this procedure one must be looking at this monstrosity as it types. My roots are over grown by AT LEAST one inch with wirier greys sticking out, my flat iron is SCARED to touch my hair at this point. I am in desperate need people. My next step is a do rag or one of those little barrettes the artists wear...hmmm that's an idea.

I want to also document to fatness to not so fattylicious but this is your warning. you will be shocked. and possibly say "oh no she didn't show off the cottage cheese inside those stretch marks!"

Viewer beware. Umm next time.I will brave the scale in about an hour for an accurate PRE-WEIGHT yikes.


  1. Awesome, thats my goal as well, to lose 10 percent of my body weight. Its a hard challenge, but think of it this way, either you lose it or you gain it. Id rather lose it , wouldnt you :)

  2. Monica, Yes lose it! The only way to go, don't want to keep it and I for sure don't want to gain it! :D

  3. After seeing pics on Facebook, I am on a mission, and I once I am on a mission, look out! Good luck to you in this new year!

  4. I want to get into a running routine, but how do we find that motivation?how???


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