Sunday, January 24, 2010

I'm so intresting I follow Myself!

How did I mange to do that? Seriously? I am following my own blog? Now that is UNCOOL! how do remove me from me???? He he. I'll figure it out, just kinda thought it was funny. Maybe I'll just leave it, in case I can't figure out how to remove myself from the follow list, then it will look like I left myself on purpose?

Wait what if there is another bluebonbon with the same profile pic? GASP! my long lost blog twin?

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  1. LOL!I thinks that's funny! tell me about it when I found out who you were, i was so shocked, maybe you do have a twin out there:)

  2. It happened to me too, and I don't know how i did it.
    Thanks for visiting Secret Story Time, I hope you'll enjoy yourself here, we have fun!

    I will follow your blog as soon as Google Friend Connect is done updating itself.

    Thanks, Secretia

  3. Here's a good reason to say to people: you follow yourself so you can see how your page looks to others when you update it. See? Totally practical. And it helps to take the whackiness off you in other people's eyes. Although only slightly in my case ;)

    Steph Fey x


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