Monday, January 25, 2010

Looking around today I noticed...

You can observe a lot by just watching.
Yogi Berra

As I went around town doing my usual stuff I noticed little things that I usually don't notice. My right eye is really blurry and dried out from the inability to blink from the Bell's Palsy, this is week 4 and it's finally improving some.

Anyway, I have become more observant...a people watcher...I'm not going to say I criticize like I said a few blogs ago, because I didn't pass judgement, just watched people...

I started my day at the grocery store where I saw a man absolutely loose his temper because the tortilla machine was broken and his wife was going to yell at him for not bringing home fresh tortillas.
I then saw a young man (a store employee) nearly get burned from head to toe by lighting a huge oven with a tiny match. Lick his fingers, notice me, smile and go about his way.
A woman in her fifties(?) laughed like a school girl with her friend while picking onions.
A young mother was near tears as her husband yelled at her and woke their sleeping infant in the carrier tenderly placed on the cart.
The employees speak loud and fast in mixed languages.
There are two severely overweight women next to a thin woman in workout clothes, sunglasses, smiling and talking on the cell phone waiting by the meat counter. The women are leaning heavily on the prepackaged meats refrigerators and their butts are hanging over the ledge-just observing!

A man is receiving fellatio behind the pawn shop, I wonder what he paid.

There are a group of middle school boys crossing the street behind a girl and she seems nervous, luckily they turned left and she went straight.

A group of angry mothers arguing about who did more to organize the last PTA this that or the other, smile crookedly and rush to get my son.

Life can be hectic...even at a distance. Whew what a day!

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  2. Too many typos the first comment I made, sorry!

    My friend had Bells Palsy, it lasted 3 to 4 weeks then went away. She is fine now, and it has been 4 years. Hope yours disappears and never returns.

    Those big butts hanging over the meat case, what an image!

    Behind the pawnshop--I'm guessing $20 in this economy-what a life, right?

    I wish you a really nice day today.



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